Barn Gallery: Expressions at the BARN GALLERY Ogunquit, ME Now until June 24th

NRG # 3                                                                                                                    NRG # 2

The series, NRG:Energy, was completed in 2019, and I feel it is artistically ‘strong.’ It was the time when humanity were seized in a common world-wide crisis: The Pandemic: Covid 19…It left us struggling with the health consequences, and the economic turmoil. In real-time, we saw ambulances rushing to the hospital, where over-worked health providers and the facility itself, came to realize and demonstrate by its actions, how unprepared we were as a country to deal with COVID 19. Less developened countries had littl to no  way to properly handle the demands on it for health care.  For decades these developing coutries were left out of the growth in wealth America and other western nations had experienced, never realized as well the highly developed medical tecnology and reaserch know-how neded in the twenty-first century. For America, it was a serious problem, but we could adjust and move forward on possible soloutions for the many problems the pandemic cried out for resolution. But, even so, this advantage was during the leadershp of Donald J. Trump; as president, he proved how absurd one can actiually demostrate you can act, when ruled by self-interest, indeed–narcissim, with signs of mental instability. But, in spite of the poorly guided political leadership, the world-wide medical community, with advanced research and and tancity, developed a vaccine, with unheard of success, and  at unparalled speed in formulation and testing; it was proven to be effective for the treatment of COVID 19…yet, millions were still struck down by the virus and died.

Painting kept me sane and focuused on what needed to be done during the three years of the pandemic. I avoided any sickness that caused me to be hospitilized, and so, I’m one of the lucky ones. The energy series speaks to the need for me to create and seek the energy for the future while living during a pandemic.

VISIT THE BARN GALLERY Art Colony Began in 2018, Located on the Shore Road & Bourn Lane Ogunquit, Maine 03907 PARKING FREE AND AVALIABLE FOR VISITORS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: Mon-Sat: 11AM-5PM; SUNDAY 1-5PM: TEL: 207-646-8400

“EXPRESSION” SHOW DATES ARE MAY 24 through June 24, 2023 (My 2 images will be in the exhibit. GALA RECEPTION MAY 27th 4PM to 8PM


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