Regional Juried Show: June 26th–July 27: Barn Gallery, Ogunquit Maine

The Ogunquit Art Association (OAA), founded in 1928, holds a significant spot in the history of American art. The Ogunquit Art Association (OAA) emerged from Ogunquit’s status as a thriving art colony in the early 20th century. Established by Charles H. Woodbury and other prominent artists, the OAA holds the dual distinction of being both Maine’s original and longest-running artist association.


BARN GALLERY SHOW June 26–July 27th


Muck & Mire # 10 Expressions 2 Show 2024 $1,500, framed.

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For culture enthusiasts seeking authenticity and artistic integrity, the OAA and its Barn Gallery offer an unparalleled experience. Unlike many commercialized art spaces, the OAA carries the spirit of those founding artists who sought to create and exhibit without catering to trends and fleeting tastes. Visitors can sense this commitment to honesty in expression, a refreshing reminder of the power of genuine art. If you crave artistic experiences that are unfiltered and true to the artist’s vision, then a visit to Barn Gallery is not merely recommended, but essential.

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