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Maine Public Broadcasting MPBN featured  Salazar’s film, “Four Seasons of the Master Myth” in June 2015, again in December 2015, and 2016, on their Community Films Series. The DVD also showed during the Maine Master’s Film series at the Barn Gallery, Ogunquit, Maine (summer 2015)

My Father’s Room is a 135-page book with forty black-and-white images with a full-color cover. The Four Seasons of the Master Myth is a 25-minute DVD with free extras including a slide show of 1000 images from “Four Seasons,” the full score of Four Seasons by Vivaldi, and the complete interview of the artist Salazar.

About My Father’s Room

My Father’s Room is a memoir from artist Roland Salazar Rose who draws on his life’s history and relationship with his father, which has been strained and the impact of his divorce in the process. In the included companion work The Four Seasons of the Master Myth, he discusses his influences as an artist. With much to ponder about what creates us, My Father’s Room is a strong addition to memoir and art collections.”

The Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI, 2013

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About The Four Seasons of the Master Myth

Commentary by filmmaker and editor Jef Taylor on the DVD The Four Seasons of the Master Myth, written/narrated/produced by Roland Salazar Rose:

The Four Seasons of the Master Myth is a unique combination of words, images, music, and video of the artist at work in his studio that captures the thoughts, philosophy, and art of seasoned painter Roland Salazar Rose. Written and narrated by the artist himself Salazar ruminates on his Four Seasons of the Master Myth philosophy and how it ties into his work particularly the 1000 images he created during his years in Mexico, while video of him painting in his studio in Maine is interspersed with photographs of his work. The four sections of the video each reflect a “season” of Salazar’s life, in which he reads from his memoir, My Father’s Room, and reflects candidly on his “Four Seasons” with both humor and insight. It is a fascinating and compelling portrait of a man—Roland – looking back on his life, and an artist—Salazar—discussing his life’s work as we watch him create new work, and continue his path through the Four Seasons of the Master Myth.”

“Four Seasons of the Master Myth” [trailer] from Jef Taylor on Vimeo.


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