Maine Years

Of course, every person has his or her special way of experiencing Maine, and, it’s delightful to hear people talk about ‘their Maine’. There is no uniform agreement, and I expect my vision of Maine is only one more probe into the nature of Maine. Yet, in a very real way, I feel I have enabled Maine to have a distinction of its own by addressing the essential elements of its character, rather than displaying its outer skin.

I mostly work on a theme and paint a series on that theme. Maine Years consists of several galleries with images from the series and my thoughts about that series. You can access the galleries by clicking on the thumbnails below.

The first 13 galleries below display a selection of paintings under the title shown. For Example, “Mainely Green, Some Blue.”  ALL 13 galleries with the images shown were painted during the years: 1987-2011. Following gallery 13, I have new galleries displayed. The paintings in these galleries were created in Maine beginning in 2012, to today. In the first 13 galleries, a couple of  galleries show paintings I did in Mexico but completed in Maine.