Mixed Media painting on Stonhenege paper

     String Theory, by Salazar 2020, rev.2022

Following is a video by Paul M. Sutter, astrophyscist at Sunny Brook & Flatiron Institue; I’m including it here for someone who wants to be informed on ‘string theory’ in physics, and how String Theory is thought to be a contender for an answer to the solution of the “The Theory of Everything.”


 In 2022 I produced a body of work on Stonehenge paper, 22 x 30 paper size and 18 x 26 image in Mixed Media. There are 28 paintings in the series; and many I gave titles too, something I almost always avoind doing. Why? The title can determine an outcome in art appreciation that can also have a subject, for example, the Title: “Coastal View of Maine in a Storm.” This title will possibly control how a viewer of the art I did feels on seeing the painting with this title: not good to control anyone in their personal perception of anything, best to let an ndividual make their own finding when they are examining art.

Those interested in my art that I painted as I read on string theory and pondered its relationship will be disappointed as I am; because the any relationship between ‘string theory’ and my ‘abstract art’ displayed in this 2022 series is as disasociated as the very art itself. The reality is, that in creating my painting series “String Theory 2022,” I allowed my painting to mostly just emote, attempting to free myself of any intelectural control of my painting process in the actual painting process. I backed away from the actual painting, avoiding “What is this painting about?” My work is generally organic in production and I think organic in its representation as an art work, therefore possibly sustaning the broad  principal  in “String Theory.”

The broad principal on “Spring Theory” is expressed in Wikipieda:

String theory is a broad and varied subject that attempts to address a number of deep questions of fundamental physics. String theory has contributed a number of advances to mathematical physics, which have been applied to a variety of problems in black hole physics, early universe cosmologynuclear physics, and condensed matter physics, and it has stimulated a number of major developments in pure mathematics. Because string theory potentially provides a unified description of gravity and particle physics, it is a candidate for a theory of everything, a self-contained mathematical model that describes all fundamental forces and forms of matter. Despite much work on these problems, it is not known to what extent string theory describes the real world or how much freedom the theory allows in the choice of its detail.

Paul M. Sutter, astrophyscist at Sunny Brook & Flatiron Institue: see video on YouTube, //Paul M. Sutter, astrophyscist at Sunny Brook & Flatiron Institue