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  • November 1989 “National Drawing Exhibition”; juried exhibition of drawings held at the Brigham Young University Fine Arts Gallery; Provo, Utah
  • December 1989 “Salazar” Gallery 15, City Club; Boston, Mass. One Person
  • November 1990 “National Drawing Exhibition”; juried exhibition of drawings; Brigham Young University Fine Arts Gallery, Provo, Utah, Group Show
  • November 1990 “International Miniature Art” Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • February 1991 Museum of Quéretaro: A National Exhibition by members of the Society of Méxican artists: invited exhibitor.
  • November 1991 “International Miniature”; Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • January 1992 “Méxicali Rose Donde Estas¨; Galeria del Centro Cultural El Nigromante; Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, México; One Person
  • March 1992 “Dialgos”; Institute Méxicano Nortearmicano de Relaciones Culturales, AC; Two Person; Mexico City
  • April 1992 “Méxicali Rose Donde Estas” Society of Mexican Authors, Artists Plastico; SOMAAP Galeria, Quéretaro, México; One Person
  • April 1992 “American Artists in San Miguel de Allende”, USA Ambasador’s Exhibition; Instituto Allende, SMA, México, Group Show
  • October and November 1992 “Seventh Annual International Exhibition of Minature Art” Del Bello Gallery, To\ronto, Canada
  • January 1993 “Vibraçiones Méxicanas”; Galeria SOMAAP, Quéretaro, Mexico, One Person
  • November 1993 “Scene and Unseen”, 2nd National Juried Exhibition, Juro Judy Chicago; Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico
  • March 1994 “Vibraçiones Méxicanas”; Museo Historico, San Miguel de Allende, México, One Person
  • March 1994 “No Agua”, Galeria del Centro Cultural, Bellas Artes, Encaustic paintings on wood, San Miguel de Allende, México, One Person
  • August 1994 “International Small Works” Juied by Jerry Saltz; Amos Eno Gallery, New York City, Group Show
  • November 1994 “9th Annual International”, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • January 1995 “International Exhibition of Minature Art” Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • April 1995 “1040: The Infernal Revenue Service”; An installation and video; Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine, One Person
  • December 1997 -January 1998 “With Your Permision: Gods, Land and People of Mexico”; Museo Casa Diego Rivera Museum of Art, Guanajuato, México, One Person
  • February 1998 -March 1998 “With Your Permision: Gods, Land & People of México”; Galeria Libertad, Quèretero, México, One Person
  • October 1998 “The Four Seasons of the Master Myth” Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine, One Person, installation of 1,000 images, small works on paper & video.
  • May – July 1999 “Media Mixta”, Art Focus Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, México, Group Show
  • May – June 1999 “Salazar and Hifschmid”; Ogunquit Arts Collaborative Gallery: Showcase Exhibition, Ogunquit, Maine, Two Person Show
  • September – October 1999 “La Emoción Detrás del Gesto”; Club de Industrials de Jalisco: Galeria Vértice, Luis Garcia Jesso, Dir., Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico, Solo Show
  • October 1999 “Dia de los Muertos”; Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon, Group Show
  • October – November 1999 “Mainely Green, Some Blue” at McCoy Gallery, and “La Ruta Verde” at McQuade Gallery” Mixed Media paintings on Canvas, One Person, Merrimack College, Massachusetts
  • June – July 2005 “Salazar & Schultz at the Barn Gallery”, Ogunquit, Maine Artists Space
  • July – September 2005 “A Celebration of the Artists of Southern Maine” at art gallery at UNE, University of New England, Portland, Maine
  •  2007-2011 Worked on e-art books writing and formatting, completed nine (9) e-books and published these, making them available on my Website for free. Also, wroteand published my memoir My Father’s Room and published the DVD The Four Seasons of the Master Myth. In 2006- my wife filed for divorce. I completed several paintings and wrote and published e-books during this time.
  • 2012-to 2022 Group shows selected by the Art Museum at the University of New Hampshire; Museum of Art, at Susquehanna PA; Solo Show: Mane Jewish Museum, Portland ME


  • March 1992 “Festival of the Visual Arts”, San Miguel de Allende, 450th Anniversary of San Miguel de Allende, Mèxico
  • February 1995 “My Funny Valentine” Juried exhibition of 11 poets paired with 11 artists around the theme of love; Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine
  • October 1996 “The Forest City Annual: Wood Sculpture Exhibition & Symposium” Portland, Maine. Artistic Director for six artists doing a public arts project in the Downtgown Arts District. Over 35 organizations and individuals participated. Panel at the Portland Museum of Art
  • 1993 – 1999 “New Directions in the Visual Arts” A video series produced for the educational market. An effort by students at the Southern Maine Technincal College, who produced the artist profiles. Rose selected the visual artists. Over 30 videos of visual artists have been produced, and a number are aired on public broadcasting. Part of the series produced are available through Chip Taylor Communications
  • “Solar Flares & Salazar: An Art/Science Collaboration” A projection of the art of Salaza dne in Mexico in 2010 and projected on the Dome of the Versant Planetarium, at the University of Maine Projection Room
  • E-book: “Solar Flares & Salazar” under an artist grant provided by the Maine Arts Commission


  • May 1995 “Crossover” A collaborative installation of photos, print art and paintings projected by three slide projectors on walls in the Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine
  • August 1990 – August 1991 “Annual Union of Maine Visual Arts Exhibitions”; Ogunquit, Maine, Group Show
  • November 1990 “Spirituality”, University of New England Gallery, One Person
  • September 1991 “Four in Hand” Juried exhibition by Jock Reynolds of four artist’s organizations visual artists’ submissions: The Barn Gallery, Ogunquit, Maine
  • November 1991 “Expressions of Spirituality”, Area Gallery, University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine, One Person
  • October 1992 “Maine Contemporary Drawing “ Juied by Sigmund Abeles, Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine
  • October 1993 Juried exhibition of Mature Artists of New England; New England Center, Durham, New Hampshire, Group Show
  • December 1992 “Minature Juried Art Instalation” The Chocolate Church Gallery; Bath, Maine, Group Show
  • September 1993 “Maine Contemporary Landscape”; Juried by Martha Severns; Danforth Gallery, Portland, ProfileMaine, Group Show
  • August 1996 “Four Artists”; Marjan Frank Gallery; Kittery Point, Maine, Group Show
  • January – May 2003 “Gods, Land & People of México”, Feb; “The Count of Fate: Tonalpouhalli”, March; “Eyeless in Gaza” Installation, March 21 One Night Only; “Tar Heads: Cabezas de Chapapote”, April; “Encaustic Paintings”, May. All at Estudio Salazar.
  • January – May 2004 “Convergence Series”, “Compelling Visions Series” and “Mexican Vibrations Revisited”. All at Estudio Salazar.
  • June – July 2005 Two Person Show at the Barn Gallery, Ogunquit, Maine
  • July – September 2005 “A Celebration of the Artists of Southern Maine”
  • From 2006-2012 I concentrated on production of nine (9) e-artbooks and a memoir, “My Father’s Room” along with a DVD. “The Four Seasons of the Master Myth”; and published all, they are on display on my website. The paintings I created  during this period are mostly in series and have not been exhibited. Some of these worksyou can see in the “Mexico Years” page of my website.
  • Oct-Nov 2014 “KLT 25th Anniversary Exhibition”, Harlow Gallery, Hallowell Maine
  • Oct-Nov 2014 “Abstract the Abstract,” Group show at The Irvine Gallery, River Tree Arts, Kennebunk, Maine
  • 2017-2018-2019 Spring, Summer, Fall Group Shows at the Barn Gallery, Oqunquit Art Association. Member shows.
  •  Oct 2017-April 2018 “Creative Portland’s First Juried Art Exhibit by Local Artists.” ‘Winter on Flat Top Mountain” sold. Portland, Maine
  • Oct 2018-April 2019  ” On the Verge”; ‘Along the Mighty Saco River’ Portland, Maine
  • 2012 through 2021UMVA Group Shows for members: Portland Media Center, Portland, Maine
  • 2021-2022 Members shows at the Barn Gallery , Oqunquit ME


  • Permanent Collection, Portland Museum of Art
  • National Drawing Exhibition, University of Utah Fine Arts Gallery; Honorable Mention
  • Profile in: American Artists: An Illustrated Survey of Leading Contemporaries, Chicago, Ill 1991
  • Permanent Collection: Instituto Mexicano-Nortearericano de Relaciones Culturales, AC, Mexico City
  • Colection Particular, Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Permanent collection: Museo Historico de San Miguel de Allende, Mexco
  • Published; Words & Images, Maine’s Annual Compendium of Visual and Literary Creativity University of Southern Maine Artists Space
  • “The Salazar Series” A multimedia series based on the life and work of the artist. It was produced and is distributed by Chip Taylor Communicatons. Videos and CD are distributed to the national educational and museums in the USA thru Chip Taylor Communications: www.chiptaylor.com
  • Permanent Collection, Merrimack College, Massachusesetts “The Four Seasons of the Master Myth” video presentation by Salazar at Santa Anna Theater, Feb, & March 2003 Biblioteca Publica, SMA, México
  • “Gods, Land & People of México” E-Book with French, Spanish & English on CD; published in 2003 by E-dition: www.e-dition.
  • Solar Flares & Salazar: An Art/Science Collaboration: DVD produced by Chip Taylor Communications, Derry, NH Distributed Natonally


  • 1996-present Barn Gallery, Oguniquit Art Association, Ogunquit, Maine
  • Union of Maine Visual Artists: Portland, Maine Gallery at the Portland media Center
  • 1989-present Aura Gallería, México City
  • 1999-present Galeria Vértice, Guadalajara, México
  • 2005-present Atelier Galeria, San Miguel de Allende, México
  • 2006-present Danielle Artois Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2006-present Mario Peliiza Arte, Milan, Italy
  • 1993-95 Atelier Gallery, Quéretero, Mexico


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  • Enscrit, Ecole Superieur des Beaux Arts, University of Paris, France
  • Resident Artist United States House, University of Paris, France
  • LA, AB,  MPA completed course requirement at NYU thesis not filed