Curriculum Vita



Statement on my artwork in Mexico


In perfecting and using my wet-in-wet technique, with bold and vibrant color, my work consistently focuses on two larger themes either directly or suggestively: Figuration and landscape; both often treated expressionistically with abstract elements; combining the two as representationally abstract. For paper, I use Stonehenge, it can withstand the impasto and many layers of medium employed. Chapapote is used in a many of my paintings, I wanted something that was of Mexico and could provide artistically the brown tones I sought in my figurative and landscape work. “No other artist in Mexico, to my knowledge, has created a body of work using chapapote as impressive as Salazar or has established it as medium worthy of consideration.” Guillermo Zajaruas, CEO, Aura Galleria, Mexico, D.F.

Most of my art is done in a series; that might start with a specific number in mind, or may just present itself to me in the doing of the work. Along with a series, and now able to present the art on the Internet, I write and publish e-books to inform on what the ‘series’ represents, sometimes to educate people on an important economic, political or social injustice. I write in a balanced way; I try to not be judgmental of others or the issues that are involved.

Statement of my artwork in Maine

I resided in Mexico over three decades bridging the 20th and 21st centuries. I returned to Maine in 2012 for personal reasons where I established as a goal for my paintings in Maine to seek to express Maine’s true essence. For I paint ‘Maine’ as unforgiving, the land, sea and sky as uncompromising, demanding your daily awareness, and testing your ability to live with nature as a constant in your life. A reviewer commented: “These works all seem to have a topological quality but with an expressionist feel. There is an underlying force-sort of a life force-in many of these pieces. The pieces seem alive, on the verge of change, as it seems to be the case for the land and sea. His treatment of Maine “landscapes” with innovative techniques gives Salazar’s work a real dynamism.”


 Artist President, The Maine Artists’ Space/Danforth Gallery Portland, Maine: Roland Salazar Rose is the Founder (1988) of this alternative visual arts space, voting member of the National Association of Artists’ Organizations. It has held hundreds of shows at its physical gallery the Danforth Gallery since 1988. Then, at the end of 2001 it closed this space and operated as an Online Gallery, finally closing and dissolving operations 2007.


 Mexico atrae, endulza y deriva visiones tan frescas como magneticas. Sus paisajes multiples, sus seductores personajes, sus ciudades enmarafiadas y su cultura en hiesta sacuden sensibilidades con fuego que nose retrae jamas. Aqui en estas latitudes su empefios plasticos, tienen verdad de poesia, y erudici6n de investigador solitario. Salazar ha creado ese credo de singular es versiculos y ha una posici6n pnivilegiada.

Federico Ramos Sanchez Director, Museo Casa Diego Rivera, Guanajuato, Mexico

 In the sixteen years that master painter Salazar has been making San Miguel de Allende, Gto, Mexico his part time home he has acquired a distinctive style and vibrant coloring probably influenced by the magical light that envelops this beautiful town in central Mexico. His landscapes transmit the geographical beauty of this area, as well as the myriad of faces portrayed as if these were commissioned portraits of imaginary people. His technique is unique, utilizing a masterful combination of mixed media, using chapapote or tar to enhance the magnificent end result; a rich work of art that reflects the singular talent and personality of this fine artist.

Guillermo Zajarias W. CEO,Aura Galerias. Mexico D.F. 2005

 La obra de Roland Salazar Rose, nos impacta por Ia emoci6n que despierta en nosotros. Heredero del Expresionismo Austriaco (Oscar Kokoshka, Egon Schiele,) asi como el Grupo Cobra (Karel Appel…).. Sus personajes y sus paisajes evocan fantasias gestuales plet6ricas de color que de alguna manera nos muiestran lo vigente de esta corriente plastica. En Maestro Salazar, la forma se transforma en la esencia del color y el gesto comunicandonos una nueva vision, una nueva de nuestros paisajes y magueyales.

Luis Garcia Jasso, CEO, Galeria Vertice, Guadalajara, ]alisco, Mexico, 2005

 Salazar’s paintings reflect the underlying energy of the Mexican psyche. There is strong abstraction in the Mexican Vibrations Revisited series; bold color applied, removed and drawn through represents form and figure that can only be defined as archetypal. The Compelling Visions series leave this viewer stunned by the powerful forms and unusual visages, engaging, not repelling. The paintings in Strange Attractors seem to juxtapose form in the night or images that might present themselves on isolated walks in the country. Dark colors mixed with bright colors and scratched through drawing make viewing these images a powerful and awakening experience.

John Latham Knapp, curator, painter, and sculptor who taught at Boston College, New England College and at the Manchester Institute.

Roland “Salazar” Rose is one of the most unique and committed artists painting in the world today. Unlike so many in the commercial world of art today, “Salazar” is an artist in the truest sense of the word. No prints or copies of any kinds are ever made of his paintings; each is an original. Like many of the great masters, although he can paint in the realistic style, he prefers painting in the abstract-expressionistic genre, which allows him to paint from the depths of his emotions.

Chip Taylor, President Chip Taylor Productions, NH:

 Salazar’s paintings in his Mexican residency are based on the insights and visions he gained from the Mexican people, their culture and land. His work not only reflects the textures and colors of its landscape, incorporating the natural tar chapapote into his canvases, but it also engages him in the discovery and power of myth. Myth explains the world, it informs culture. Salazar’s personal visions of native deities, strong black lines bathed in the warm brown tone of chapapote, and the simple lines and muted colors of many of his landscape renderings reflect this elemental connection of the natural world to culture and myth.

John Ripton, PhD, Curator, History and Latin America. Fellow, Columbia University, and Chair St. Bernard’s School/Rutgers University



 November 1989 “National Drawing Exhibition”; juried exhibition of drawings held at the Brigham Young University Fine Arts Gallery; Provo, Utah

December 1989 “Salazar” Gallery 15, City Club; Boston, Mass. One Person

November 1990 “National Drawing Exhibition”; juried exhibition of drawings; Brigham Young University Fine Arts Gallery, Provo, Utah, Group Show

November 1990 “International Miniature Art” Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada

February 1991 Museum of Queretaro: A National Exhibition by members of the Society of Mexican artists: invited exhibitor.

November 1991 “International Miniature”; Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada

January 1992 “Mexicali Rose -Donde Estas··; Galeria del Centro Cultural El Nigromante; Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; One Person

March 1992 “Dialgos”; Institute Mexicano Nortearmicano de Relaciones Culturales, AC; Two Person; Mexico City

April 1992 “Mexicali Rose Donde Estas” Society of Mexican Authors, Artists Plastico; SOMAAP Galeria, Queretaro, Mexico; One Person

April 1992 “American Artists in San Miguel de Allende”, USA Ambassadors’ Exhibition; Instituto Allende, SMA, Mexico, Group Show

October & November 1992 “Seventh Annual International Exhibition of Minature Art” Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada

January 1993 “Vibrationes Mexicanas”; Galeria SOMAAP, Queretaro, Mexico, One Person

November 1993 “Scene and Unseen”, 2nd National Juried Exhibition, Juror Judy Chicago; Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico

March 1994 “Vibrationes Mexicanas”; Museo Historico, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, One Person

March 1994 “No Agua” Galeria del Centro Cultural, Bellas Artes, Encaustic paintings on wood, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, One Person

August 1994 “International Small Works” Juried by Jerry Saltz; Amos Eno Gallery, New York City, Group Show

November 1994 “9th Annual International”, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada

January 1995 “International Exhibition of Miniature Art” Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada

April 1995 “1040: The Infernal Revenue Service”; An installation and video; Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine, One Person

 December 1997-January 1998 “With Your Permission: Gods, Land and People of Mexico”   Museo Casa Diego Rivera Museum of Art, Guanajuato, Mexico, One Person

February 1998-March 1998 “With Your Permission: Gods, Land & People of Mexico” Galeria Libertad, Queretaro, Mexico, One Person

October 1998 “The Four Seasons of the Master Myth” Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine, One Person, installation of 1,000 images, small works on paper & video.

May-July 1999 “Media Mixta”, Art Focus Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Group Show

May-June 1999 “Salazar and Hifschmid”; Ogunquit Arts Collaborative Gallery: Showcase Exhibition, Ogunquit, Maine, Two Person Show

September-October 1999 “La Emocion Detnis del Gesto”; Club de Industrials de Jalisco: Galeria Vertice, Luis Garcia Jessa, Dir., Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico, Solo

October 1999 “Dia de los Muertos”; Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon, Group Show

October-November 2002 “Mainely Greem, Some Blue” at McCoy Gallery, and “La Ruta Verde” at McQuade Gallery” Mixed Media paintings on Canvas, One Person, Merrimack College, MA.

June-July 2006 “Breaking the Barier of the Self,” at Galeria Atelier, Fabrica la Aurora, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico

Feb-2007 “Chapapote,” Presentations & slides at Biblioteca Publica, San Migel de Allende, GTO, Mexico

May-June 2007 “Mixed Media: Recent Work on Paper,” Galeria Aspen, Centro Historico, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Solo show.

May-June 2007 “Faces and More Faces,” Gallery Miranda, Laguna Beach, California; Group Show

March 1992 “Festival of the Visual Arts”, San Miguel de Allende, 450th Anniversary of San        Miguel de Allende, Mexico

February 1995 “My Funny Valentine” Juried exhibition of 11 poets paired with 11 artists around the theme of love: Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine

October 1996 “The Forest City Annual: Wood Sculpture Exhibition & Symposium” Portland, Maine. Artistic Director for six artists doing a public arts project in the Downtown Arts District. Over 35 organizations and individuals participated. Panel at the Portland Museum of Art

 1993-1999 “New Directions in the Visual Arts” A video series produced for the educational market. An effort by students at the Southern Maine Technical College, who produced the artist profiles. Rose selected the visual artists. Over 30 videos of visual artists have been produced, and a number are aired on public broadcasting. Part of the series produced are available through Chip Taylor Communications.

LOCAL and GROUP SHOWS 1990-2017

 May 1990 “Crossover” A collaborative installation of photos, print art and paintings projected by three slide projectors on walls in the Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine

August 1990 August 1991 “Annual Union of Maine Visual Arts Exhibitions”; Ogunquit, Maine, Group Show

November 1990 “Spirituality”, University of New England Gallery, One Person

September 1991 “Four in Hand” Juried exhibition by Jock Reynolds of four artist’s organizations visual artists’ submissions: The Barn Gallery, Ogunquit, Maine

November 1991 “Expressions of Spirituality”, Area Gallery, University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine, One Person

October 1992 “Maine Contemporary Drawing ” Juried by Sigmund Abeles, Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine

October 1993 Juried exhibition of Mature Artists of New England; New England Center, Durham, New Hampshire, Group Show

December 1992 “Miniature Juried Art Installation”; The Chocolate Church Gallery; Bath, Maine, Group Show

September 1993 “Maine Contemporary Landscape”; Juried by Martha Sevens; Danforth Gallery, Portland, Maine, Group Show

August 1996 “Four Artists”; Marian Frank Gallery; Kittery Point, Maine, Group Show

Jan-May 2003 “Gods, Land & People of Mexico”, Feb; “The Count of Fate: Tonalpouhalli”, March; “Eyeless in Gaza” Installation, March 21 One Night Only;”Tar Heads: Cabezas de Chapapote”, April; “Encaustic Paintings”, May. All at Estudio Salazar Galeria.

Jan-May    200      “Collective  Works”, Lloyds, SMA, “Strange Attractors”,  “Spring Fling”: “Mexican Vibrations 2003

June 2005 Two Person Show, at the Barn Gallery, Ogunquit Maine “Schultz and Salazar”

 July-Sept 2006 “A Celebration of Artists of Southern Maine”, Art Gallery at UNE, Westbrook College Campus, University of New England, Portland, Maine Artists Space

Winter-Summer 2005-06 “Breaking the Barrier”, at Estudio Salazar Galeria, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

 Winter-Summer 2007 Gallery solo shows at Estudio Salazar Galeria, Mexico

February-March 2008 “Once Again, Breaking the Barrier, of the Self’, at Estudio Salazar Galleria, Mexico

Writing Residency in Mexico: 2007-2012 During this period I prepared nine e-art books and prepared a memoir for publication.

2014–Chapapote: A Mexican Elixir, City Hall, Biddeford, ME solo showing Feb-Apr 2014

2014–KLT 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Harlow Gallery, Hallowell, ME, Juried Group Show, Oct-Nov 2014

2014–Abstract the Abstract Exhibition, Irvine Gallery, River Tree Arts, Juried Group Show Oct­ Nov 2014

2015–Love Exhibition, Irvine Gallery, River Tree Arts, Juried Group Show, 2015

2015-16–PINE TREE STATEment, Exhibit, group show: ENGINE GALLERY, Biddeford, ME Dec 2015-Jan

 2016–UMVA Gallery, Portland, Maine Solo: “Salazar: Mexico Years” of Salazar’s Mexican paintings 1987-2011. Juror, John Ripton, PhD. Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission     independent state agency, supported by the National Endowment for the Arts,

2016-Down East magazine, Maine, Selected “Snow on the Hill” painting for the Annul “Art of Giving” event held by Down East Inc.. Art featured in the July 2016 issue of Down East and donated to non-profit Community Partners at a Gala held at Point Pont, Scarborough, ME, Sept 1 Art Jurors: artist Eric Hopkins art critic Edgar Allen Beem, Dean Ian Anderson, Maine College of Art, and Down East editor in chief Kathleen Fleury.

2016-UMVA Gallery at CTN; Portland, ME UMVA: “Monsters.” Selected Group Show, Juror Jessica McCarthy

2016-Harlow Art Gallery Group Juries Show: “Lines of Thought” Juror; Debbie Whitney, January 2017

2017-Barn Gallery, Group Show, “From Above”; Late Summer Show (Aug-Sept ’17) OAA Member; also “Fall Exhibition” (Sept-Oct ’17); OAA Member

2017-UMVA Gallery at Portland Media Center: “Memories” Selected Group Show, Juror Anne Tracey, November 2017-December 2017

SHOWS 2017 -2022

Oct-Dec 2017, “America Now, A Dialogue” Group Show selected participants, Bruce Brown Curator, to display at Holocaust & Human Rights Center, University of Maine, Augusta, Maine. Show will also display images on a website.

October 2017-April 2018 Group Show “Creative Portland; The Best of Portland”; Portland, Maine

November 2017 Selected piece for NH Art Association “18th Annual Open-Juried Exhibition

March-June 2019 “Industrial Maine: Our Other Landscape”; The Atrium Gallery at University of Maine, Lewiston-Auburn Campus, Group show.

October 2018, planning underway at the USM Orono, Emera Planetarium: “Solar Flares: Our Cosmic Life on ‘Spaceship Earth”‘ Planned for display my Solar Flares series of art and “solar flares”: displayed on the dome at the Planetarium, with educational components. This is by Dr. Shawn Laatsch, President of the Inter-planetarium Society. Planetarium show is to travel to other USA & international planetarium venues: Dr Laatsch/Salazar presenters.

April-May 2019 Maine Jewish Museum, Portland Maine: Solo display: Salazar: “Working in Series”; Nancy Davidson, Curator

June-Sept 2020 Creating Joy: Art Inspired by Music at te Susquehanna Art Museum, National group show.

Nov 2020 UMVA Members Show, Portland Open theme

Jan-April 2022 “On the Edge” New England Regional show

June 2022 UMVA Members Show Open theme, Portland

May through July; Aug to mid Oct 2020 & 2021 Members Show Barn Gallery, Ogunquit ME


Dec 2017-2018: “Salazar” Solo show in Mexico City, Curator Guillermo Zajarias, Director Aura Galerias, D.F. Mexico


International Exhibit, Pastel Prize, Kansas, 1988 Permanent Collection, Portland Museum of Art

National Drawing Exhibition, University of Utah Fine Arts Gallery; Honorable Mention

Profile in: American Artists: An Illustrated Survey of Leading Contemporaries, Chicago, Ill 1991 Permanent Collection: Instituto Mexicano-Nortearericano de Relaciones Culturales, AC, Mexico City; Collection Particular, Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Permanent Collection: Museo Historico de San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Published; Words & Images, Maine’s Annual Compendium of Visual and Literary Creativity University of Southern Maine Artists Space

“The Salazar Series” A multimedia series based on the life and work of the artist. Produced and distributed by Chip Taylor Communications. Videos, CD & DVDs distributed to the national educational and museums in the USA thru Chip Taylor Communications:

Permanent Collection, Merrimack College, Massachusetts

“The Four Seasons of the Master Myth” video presentation by Salazar at Santa Anna Theater, Feb, & March 2003 Biblioteca Publica, SMA, Mexico

“Con tu permiso: tierra y gente de Mexico: Conferebia de Roland Salazar Rose, Auditoria Miguel Malo, Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“Gods, Land & People of Mexico” E-Book published & distributed (2003) by E-dition, Montreal, Canada

Residency 2006 “The Julia and David White Artists’ Colony” Costa Rica

“Breaking the Barrier of the Self,” talk and multimedia show, Teatro Santa Ana, Biblioteca Publica, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

My Father’s Room, & the Four Seasons of the Master Myth, reading from my memoir and images on the DVD which accompanies my book. Sala Quetzal, Biblioteca Publica, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, March 2007

“Painting in Series,” talk and multimedia presentation at Teatro Santa Ana, Bibliotecta Publica, SMA, Mexico.

CD/DVD: Producer Chip Taylor: Salazar a biography, English & Spanish: Artists of   Visions Series:

CD: E-ditions Montreal, Canada: Gods, Land & People of Mexico Con tu permiso: Dioes, Tierra y Gente de Mexico, in English, Spanish & French


1989-present Aura Galerias, Mexico City

1999-2009 Galeria Vertice, Guadalajara, Mexico

2005-2010 Galeria Atelier, Fabrica la Aurora, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico 2006-present Mario Peliiza Arte, Milan, Italy

2006-present Danielle Artois Gallery, Paris, France 2006-present Miranda Gallery, Aspen, Colorado, USA

2006-present La Galeria Aspen. San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico 2007-present Miranda Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, USA

2014-2015 KPT Art House, Kennebunk, Maine, USA 2013-2015 Grapheteria, Portland, Maine

2017- The Barn Gallery, Ogunquit Art Association, org.


Champlain College, Associated College of New York

Undergraduate and Graduate Education: New York University Art Students League

National Academy of Design

Inscrit, Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts, University of Paris, France Resident Artist United States House, University of Paris, France

LA, AB, MPA graduate studies course requirements completed, thesis not filed.


 If Only A collaboration with Bill Pearlman Mexican Vibrations, Vibraciones Mexicanas

Twenty A Magical Number: Convergence: 2002; & Tonalpohalli: the Count of Fate Mexican Secrets, Estrangement and Once Again Alone; with poems by Bill Pearlman The Chaos Trilogy: The Eight Forces in Chaos; ‘Strange Attractors’ in Sal-Zar;

And Eyeless in Gaza

Aztec Deities

Chapapote: A Mexican Elixir Compelling Visions

San Miguel de Allende: A Magical Place

Published 2010 Solamente En San Miguel (Anthology of San Miguel Writers) “Learning to Walk on Cobblestones: The Mexican Way.”

CD/DVD: Producer Chip Taylor: Salazar a biography, English & Spanish: Artists of   Visions Series:

CD: E-ditions Montreal, Canada: Gods, Land & People of Mexico Con tu permiso: Dioes, Tierra y Gente de Mexico, in English, Spanish & French