Sky, Land, and Sea: Maine 2014

The title for these  images is Sky, Land and Sea: 2014. A numbered series, with individual title for each image in the series. All images are on Stonehenge paper and are 18 X 26 inches for the image size and 22 x 30 inches for the paper size. The series followed on my Maine series Landscapes and Seascapes: 2012-2013, these were also done on Stonehenge paper.

I feel satisfied with the 2014 series in particular.  The images in the 2012-13 series are included under one title but do not constitute a series as do the 2014 series. I set out to do works on paper in 2014 and to identify them by title when each was finished.

An art reviewer wrote: “His Maine series has a topological quality but with an expressionist feel, there is an underlying force–in many of these pieces. The paintings seem alive, on the verge of change, as it seems to be the case  for the land, sea and sky of Maine. Salazar’s treatment of Maine ‘landscapes’ with innovative techniques gives his work a real dynamism.

I look  forward to an exhibition of all of them or at least several at a time.  For more details call me at 207-869-0999 or e-mail rolandsalazarrose(AT)  Substitute @ for AT to make an e-mail connection.