Writer’s Submission: In 500 words explain how social interactions and institutions have changed in the past decade and include the effects caused by other social and political forces. Helpful Links 

Images: The e-pub will include Salazar images.; these to display in Part Two of the e-pub. There are100 small works (20 to be selected)  in the artist painting series Complex Transition,2016. The series isn’t wall art; it is a series of paintings propelled by the ‘complex transition’ happening in the social, economic and political events of the past decade. The art and text will complement each other.

This is the process for the Project, Complex Transition. After reviewing the submitted links, and other sources, write an essay, statement, or poetic piece of approximately (500 words double-spaced); and submit as a word doc to Please enter Submission in subject line. Attach a one page c.v. or biographical statement. The Editor, historian John Ripton, PhD, will review and contact you with any questions. If the Project is approved by the Maine Arts Commission, (MAC) you will be notified, and if additional writing and or corrections are required these will be sent to you and then returned to the Editor. With successful MAC approval of Project Complex Transition an e-pub will be produced and sent to e-book publishers   As an author selected for publication, you will receive a full-color printed copy of the e-publication; value $30. If project is funded by MAC writers selected will receive paid compensation, at this time $70. (Therefore, a writer gets Cash of $70, a print copy in color, of the e-pub, $30: Total value $100) OR, writers can agree to accept instead, a work of art by Salazar: at a FMV of $150.

SUBMIT to Be Selected: From January 1, 2021 through March 15, 2021 DEADLINE EXTENDED FROM MARCH 15TH TO JUNE 30TH: Questions email: SEE  & CONTACT


NOTIFICATION from MAC: IF application is ACCEPTED: Approximately June 2021

YOU ARE NOTIFIED BY: June 30 if selected as a finalist and may be included in the e-pub. If additional changes in your writing is required, you will be notified. Final notification of authors will take place during July-Aug 2021 Project seeks to publish 4 writers.

GRANT TIME LINE: The MAC project runs from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.


Complex can be said to be; “having parts so interconnected as to hamper comprehension or perception of the whole”; ‘transition’ means “a movement, development, or evolution from one stage or one style to another.”