Eight Forces in Chaos

The series of paintings called “The Eight Forces in Chaos” was done in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in March-April 2001. It developed as I sought to define where my art was heading in the new millennium. It was prompted by the fact that as I painted I was at times amazed when I found that a work I was engaged in began to find its own way. I seemed to be a mere tool in the developing work. This was clear to me most often when I worked with what I called my medium, Sal-Zar. This medium and my developing style, or signature, compelled me to work freely, to engage the subject matter without recourse to logic. If there happened to be some sort of subject matter I would allow the painting to develop its own spirit and finally its identity. I must say that I failed to realize my goal, more often than not. The intellectual game would be more compelling than the intuitive force. This conflict, and other matters, brought me to paint the series called “The Eight Forces in Chaos”.

In my paintings I set out a process that enabled me to establish Chaos as a visual presentation. I did not employ fractals in a graphic presentation. In seeking how to do this I proceeded with the initial idea to show how Chaos is a process itself. I arbitrarily established eight visual paintings as my goal. It could have been other than eight. The idea what exactly the eight paintings were to be about was not at issue; they tumbled out of my head. The names for the individual pieces occurred mid-way through the actual painting process. However, as things turned out, the names did, in fact, attaché themselves successfully to each piece. It was only as I was painting the last four works did I actually work with specific names in mind for each. Therefore, there is a two-tier activity that took place, wherein both intellectual and intuitive aspects were underway. This is reflected in the seventh piece called “Mind”.

The work is not wall art. I planned it as an interactive Web piece.