Five Sacred Guardian Trees of Ireland

Five Sacred Guardian Trees of Ireland:

In Loving Memory of my Grandmother Jennie Cassidy

The Guardians of the Five Provinces is a title that was given to five special trees which in Ireland in ancient times were considered sacred. Accordingly to Celtic folklore, a tall stranger, some say a giant as high as a wood, came to the court of High King Tara, bearing a branch from which grew three fruits: an apple, an acorn, and a hazelnut.

The stranger’s name was Trefuilngid Tre-eochair, meaning ‘of the tree sprouts’. From the description, he was clearly a descendant of the other world.

As high as a wood was the top of his shoulders, the sky and the sun visible between his legs, by reason of his size and his comeliness. A shining crystal veil about him like unto raiment of precious linen. Sandals upon his feet, and it is not known of what material they were. Golden-yellow hair upon him falling in curls to the level of his thighs.

The trees which grew from these seeds became the five sacred trees of Ireland.

All the Celtic clans possessed within their territories would, their own sacred tree and it is believed that chieftains would have been inaugurated beneath the sacred tree, thus connecting them to both the powers of below and above. Thus the trees were seen as powerful, and representative of the success of the King and his tribe; they were the Guardians of their province, and this explains when each tree was said to have ‘sheltered thousands of men’ – it was meant symbolically, rather than literally.” Source


Very Brief History Re: Jennie Cassidy

Jennie Cassidy, was born in Moyse Limavady, Londonderry, Northern Ireland on November 20, 1868 and died in Queens, New York on April 20, 1948. She immigrated to America, arrived at Ellis Island New York, August 18,1891, at the age of 20. Her two sisters, immigrated to Canada. She petitioned for U.S. Citizenship in U.S. District Court, NYC and issued citizenship June 14, 1940, she was 66 yrs old.

She began her nursing career in the Kirkland Hospital, Philadelphia, and later worked under Dr. Flavius Packer in a sanitoria in Riverside and Pawling, N.Y. She was married to a Doctor Lisle, dates and particulars missing, no children; he died, and later Jennie married Alexander Frankland Roseneberg. They had three sons, Merrill, Lisle (Lyle), and Reginald. Alexander Rosenberg, her husband, was born in Pine Bluff, AK, 1866. Solomon Rosenberg, my great grandfather, immigrated to America from Germany, around 1837, he was Jewish; he served in the Civil War, honorably and was a full sergeant; he was naturalized, and married Lucy Frankland; they raised their family in Pine Bluff, and then moved to New York City. He was successful in business in Pine Bluff and in New York.