MEXICALI ROSE: Where are You?

Barn Gallery Show 2020 There are eight (8) paintings in the Mexicali Rose series: painted in Mixed Media on Stonhenge paper. 12″x”18″

The title of the series is from the song “Mexicali Rose.” The song was very popular with music by Jack Tenney and lyrics by Helen Stone, published in 1923. “The song is  a love song of a man who must leave his love for a while.” I have added to the song’s title: “Where are You?” to distinguish the series from the song itself. The abstract series I did, does not represent the song’s lyrics, but does bring back memories I have of my painting residence in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico from 1987-2012.

All 8 paintings have been sold or gifted to friends…Nada now! I don’t have even one to remember doing the series   and what I was thinking and my marriage and divorce to Helen in 2008 in Mexico; seems appropriate to close the chapter, good and bad, lock it all  in the memory vault.