Recent Shows by Salazar

img_20161213_0003“Equal Protection of the Laws: America’s Fourteenth Amendment” September 22 — December 16 2016 A Group show presented by Harlow Gallery, Maine. On view at the Michael Klahr Center, University of Maine, Augusta, Maine. Themes depicted relate to the many areas of American society covered by the 14th Amendment. Below: “Faces” painting by Salazar Right: Announcement of show MHRC & KVAA faces-roland-salazar







October show at UMVA Gallery Portland, Maine


“Monsters” UMVA at CTN, Portland, Maine October 2016 Curator, Jessica McCarthy Group show from the theme suggested by UMVA Journal 2016, Below Image “Divorced I 2007” painting by Salazar, “Monster” show.

Divorced I Mexico 2007, Mixed Media on Paper 50X30


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