Small Works Series (Heads) 2015

There are 30 works in the series Small Works (Heads) 2015. Size of image is 3 X 4-1/2 inches. These are Mixed Media works on Stonehenge paper.
You may ask, Why heads? I’ve done many works in Mexico as head images, capturing features as abstract and representative: character studies. Not real people, perhaps a memory of someone from time to time, but usually each one is a exercise, a sketch. I’m not attempting to make a statement here or develop a complete idea, just allowing my thought to move from my brain to hand freely. The results are very different each time, yet each sketch is loose while complete in its outcome. Not that each image is ‘strong’ and can be claimed worth showing. However, I’m not afraid to display them, most often I do so, as I created them, one after another. Many small works done this way are in a numbered series. One series in Mexico was called Fifty-two, diptichs, a head image and a land image. In addition,  ‘twenty’ is significant in the native Nathal language in Mexico, for ‘twenty’ refers to how hands and feet, used to count, also signifies a whole person. ‘Twenty’ is  important in  the ancient Maya “Calendar”: what governed the life of the Native people from birth to death.

To view a slide show of the “Small Works Series (Heads) 2015,” see below: