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Downloading “My Mexican Years” and the nine (9) e-art books included in the electronic editions:

There is no charge to download “My Mexican Years: 1989-2009” and see the images. There is a charge to download the complete e-art book and this is done by a papment by you using PayPal. The e-art books that are avilable to be read can also be ordered as print eddition from the free downlaod, “My Mexican Years: 1989-2009.”  The  e-art books are: If Only; Mexican Vibrations: Vibraciones Méxicanas; Mexican Secrets; Twenty: A Magical Number; Aztec Deities; Chaos Trilogy; Chapapote: A Mexican Elixir; Compelling Visions; and San Miguel de Allende: A Magical Place.” Publisher is ramblin/rose publications.

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Ramblin/rose Publications e-art books and Licensing Terms: RRGroup, LLC

“My Mexican Years:1989-2009”the e-art book from ramblin/rose publications and downlaoded from the Website by  you means you willingly accept  our license agreement. Please read the full text of the agreement. We have tried to balance the need for the e-artbook(s) to be usable for you, the reader, with our need to protect our rights as publishers (RRGroup, LLC)  and of our authors.

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