The Four Seasons of the Master Myth

The series was completed in 1990. The Master Myth was suggested as a theme for the DVD production from a book of essays by Dr. Feibelman:  Aesthetics. The “Master Myth” embodies all the myths. It is the Year God: “his success in spring; hubris, or divine insolence in summer; nemesis in the fall; and ruin in the winter, and his death and resurrection in the following spring.”

In representing the Four Seasons of the Master Myth concept, I divided the 1,000 images into four sequences of 250 images. From each sequence I selected the first 25 images; this became the “Spring Sequence”; the same was done for summer, fall and winter. After testing I produced an autobiographical video with voice and music. These are not climatic seasons; they are seasons of the spirit, and they produce an interesting juxtaposition as the video unfolds. The musical score of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was included in the final production

The Four Seasons of the Master Myth has been produced and distributed for broadcast by Chip Taylor Communications. The video is sold to the general public and the educational and museum community; to order visit


View the trailer for The Four Seasons of the Master Myth is available on Vimeo.

“Four Seasons of the Master Myth” [trailer] from Jef Taylor on Vimeo.