World Class Storm Coming

 Most images are dated in 1997 about 18 x 24 on paper and mounted to hardboard  with acid free PVA glue. I placed the glue both on the wood panel and on the paper, a light coat, and then fixed it to the paper. I had some masonry blocks in my studio in Portland, Maine, so I placed these on top of the paper, separated by another board between the paper and the block. They really stuck together and no wrinkles appeared.

As I usually did, I placed tape around the edges, allowing me to saturate the paper with Medium. In this I worked out the images. When I worked in water media I did this first, then I coated the image with Sal-Zar and then worked with mixed media on top. Some works were damaged when in storage, some I discarded. A few  I kept for a reference but not for display.