Complex Transition

Complex Transition

My painting series of 2016, “Complex Transition” is 100 abstract Mixed Media  paintings on Stonehenge paper, paper size 8″ x 10″, image size 6″ x 8″. It was at the end of 2016 I did this series, created as I approached my nonagenarian birthday year. I was concerned and confused on the great divide in America; it was my view that many concerns we have about the American art scene today are also immersed in the same ‘complex transition’ issue, fueled by the politically and socially divide that grips America at this time.

You hear many public and official political comments, that this-or-that is ‘complex,’ or this-or-that is in ‘transition.’ But what does all that mean? A dictionary definition of ‘complex’ and ‘transition’ may help.

Complex can be said to be; “having parts so interconnected as to hamper comprehension or perception of the whole”; ‘transition’ means “a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.”

The “Complex Transition” painting series and essay seeks to illustrate that the social, political, cultural life we live today exhibit a ‘complex’ and ‘transition’ existence simultaneously. Combined, the complexities and transitions resolution can’t be resolved independently; but must be viewed, as complex and in transition simultaneously.

 What happens when the political-social milieu are immersed in a “complex transition.”  My abstract art explores but does not explain the conundrum indeed we may not survive as a republic. Most all empires ‘fall.’ See my other 100 painting series AD 476: the Fall of the Roman Empire: is the U.S. Subject to a ‘Fall?’