The coast of Maine is now dominated by private ownership and soon there will be no coast for the public to enjoy and use. Public access is being denied by some landowners, and by the Maine legisalture over many years of abuse; and now Maine courts are complicit in this denial. We have to stand up and stop this take over of all the coastal lands for private interests. While many very generous donors have made gfts of land to land trusts, these gifts are for the most part in the center and western Maine land and lake areas; costal land areas are highly priced and are mostly not donated.


SEE the above Link; it has common law and current practices with respect to who owns the oceanfront land and water rights. This is a  very complex sitiuation, but one that deserves everone’s attention, if we are to keep coastal land for public access. Of course, also in consideration is ‘climate change’ and the fact that almost all of Maine’s coast will be significantly affected by sea water rise, now happening in this century, and forecast for the next century.


The 3 Seascapes, shown above, are available for purchase: they are framed. They measure, as framed, 24 x 32 inches, and don’t require glass! I have these paintings in my studio and I can show them to you (207-869-0999). The price at my retail gallery or other venues that sell fine art is $3,500, and my price for you  is $1,800. As you see below, I will donate 60% of this sale price to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

[PURCHASE MY PAINTINGS AND I will donate 60% of the purchase  price to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust in support and preservation of ‘Maine Coastal land.’ My online price is less than awhat pried at a commercial gallery, becaues a retail  ‘gallery’ gets a commission for each sale, at least 50%]

E-mail REPLACE AT with @ to make a valid e-mail address.

____________________________________________To see more costal images avlalable see my Maine webpage, the Maine Years. Any other panting that you might consider to purchase is possibly avialable for sale, but first contact me at 207-869-0999. Thanks, roland


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