_ The Four Seasons of the Master Myth and Solar Flares & Salazar; An Art/Science Collaboration will both air on Network Station JLTV on April 15th at 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM.

The Four Seasons of the Master Myth

Filmmaker Jef Taylor said: The video by the artist is a unique combination of words, images, and music and video of the artist at work in his studio. “The Four Seasons of the Master Myth” captures the thoughts, philosophy and art of seasoned painter Roland Salazar Rose. Written and directed by the artist himself, Salazar ruminates on his “Four Seasons of the Master Myth” philosophy and how it ties into his work, particularly the 1000 images he created during his years in Mexico, while video of him painting in his studio in Maine, is interspersed with photographs of his work.”

“Solar Flares & Salazar: An Art/Science Collaboration”

Chip Taylor Communications, LLC, Derry, New Hampshire, will provide the exclusive U.S. and worldwide distribution of the program, while artist Roland Salazar Rose is in charge of all artwork associated with any exhibition.

The “Solar Flares & Salazar” production crew was Shawn Laatsch, Versant Power Astronomy Center Director; Duane Shimmel, IMFA, original surround sound; with cooperation by NASA\SDO for photos of CME; and writer/researcher, John Ripton, PhD, in collaboration with artist Roland Salazar Rose.

What can cause our normally benign Sun to erupt in such fury that it can threaten the world’s power and technological infrastructure? You will find out in “Solar Flares & Salazar,” a program that uses advanced visualization of the super-charged, gigantic storms raging on the surface of our Sun and blasting solar gas tens of millions of miles into inter-planetary space. You will also learn how American artist Roland Salazar Rose interprets the Sun’s relationship to the Earth; see 11 provocative and colorful paintings from the artist’s Mexican painting’s series, “Solar Flares,” which were originally portrayed on the Versant Power Astronomy Center planetarium dome and dissolved into bursts of solar light and panoramas of life on Earth. As reviewer Kaye Cook wrote about the documentary, “Our Sun is at the center of your imagination for 22 minutes; it is a thrilling and soul-searching experience.”

Artist Director, Roland Salazar Rose, of Biddeford, Maine, conceived the idea to memorialize a significant Corona Massive Eruption, CME, when he was a resident artist in Mexico in 2011 by painting 11 large works of art on Stonehenge paper. As our Sun was about to give forth an impressive burst of magnetic energy and emit radiation across the entire “electronic spectrum,” Salazar was inspired to introduce the public to an artistic treatment of this event, hoping to enhance public awareness about how important it is to observe and protect our “Spaceship Earth.”


In 2017, Salazar heard from the International Planetarium Society and contacted Shawn Laatsch, Director of the former Emery Planetarium, now known as the Versant Power Astronomy Center. Their successful collaboration resulted in Director Laatsch’s planetarium dome projection, “Solar Flares & Salazar,” and opened to the public in November, 2018.

In September, 2022, Chip Taylor Communications, LLC, produced the high-definition digital documentary “Solar Flares & Salazar: An Art/Science Collaboration,” which is now available for public exhibitions, television broadcast and digital streaming licensing purposes. DVD copies are available for $19.95 + $6 shipping upon request.

Artist Roland Salazar Rose produced an e-book “Solar Flares & Salazar” with support provided by the Maine Arts Commission; it is available on his website:

To enquire about the documentary, art, and any exhibitions, licensing, or purchases associated with the Art/Science project, “Solar Flares & Salazar,” please contact artist Roland Salazar Rose or Chip Taylor Communications.


Roland Salazar Rose – P: 207.869.0999; e: or

Chip Taylor Communications, LLC – P: 800.876.2447 / 603.434.9262; e:; w:


ABOVE LINK is insider report by business writer, w/23 yrs of experience with reporting on massive solar flares; what’ up for “Spaceship Earth” now (2023) and in the near term; and what will most likely happen in 2025 when it’s the time for our sun’s highest solar flare period to take place.





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