Landscapes and Seascapes: 2012-2013

For over twenty years I was a resident of Mexico. In 2012 I returned to Maine for personal reasons. I have established as a goal for my new seek to express Maine’s true essence. For I paint Maine as unforgiving–the land, sea, and sky as uncompromising, demanding your daily awareness and testing your ability to live with nature as a constant in your life. No people, buildings, lighthouses–only the land, sea and sky. You may want to ask: “What can I do to help guarantee this fragile environment is maintained and not destroyed by our very human presence?”

The paintings range in size from 9 x 12 inches to 24 x 28 inches and most are on either Ampersand hardboard or Birch hardboard. To inquire as to paintings that you want more information on call (207) 869-0999. OR, email (replace AT with @ )

To see other images of Maine, see the page on this Website: “Sky, Land and Sea Maine: 2014”.

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©Roland Salazar Rose 2013