Vertical Land & Sea Paintings on Stonehenge

I decided that a series that explore how I can express land and sea visions in a ‘vertical format’ would be a challenge and possibly I would  express the land and sea different than painting in a horizontal format.

What are the different types of painting formats?

  • The three most common formats are horizontal, vertical and square. A horizontal format lets the viewer’s eye move across the painting and is used most often for landscapes. A half-sheet horizontal format may be ideal for a panoramic landscape or a reclining figure. A vertical format encourages the eye to move up and down the painting.
  • That said: In the sales maret, in general the horizontal landscape or seascape painting will sell at a higher price than a vertical format.  Why, well several reasons can be stated here, but the most common answer is that over a lengthy timeline this fact has come to be the way it is and accepted as ‘fact.’
  • I didn’t create many examples and personally I didn’t come to any conclusion as to better or worse or for that matter any conclusion. i just did these and backed away.
  • SIZE all image shown here, (6) are on Stonehenge paper 18 inches horizontal and 26 inches vertical. 
  • They all are done in Mixed Media and ae not framed. Signed and dated. AND offered for sale at $1,500 each.

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