Huge Art Sale of Muck & Mire Paintings

Muck and Mire No. 7


Visit MARKETPLACE and see the huge sale  (paintings at $450)  for my paintings done in 2018: Size unframed 18 x 26, and framed 22 x 30. Abstract work in mixed medium on Stonehenge paper: Guaranteed, see details on this series that are representative of how “artists often use mud and mire as metamorphs in their work. Whether it’s a painting, sculpture, or poem these elements evoke feelings of heaviness, struggle, and transformation. Remember, it’s literal mud or metaphorical mire, there’s something fascinating about the interplay between messiness and growth. Life often takes us through both!” Today, USA exhibits a government near total mud and mire!

SEE: images in the series M&M: all for sale….




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