My work includes water media, mixed media, acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, paper and wood. My art is about values. I work in two distinct countries with different cultures. Most assuredly they differ in the art forms that have graced their histories as a nation. For Mexico and the USA and more particularly Maine create a distinct artistic challenge for me. In Maine, the visual emphasis is on the land and water, the blue and green. In Mexico colors are more intense, they range from purple to bright yellow. The sun in Mexico and the high altitude of many of its cities creates a brilliant atmospheric value that challenges all. In Maine, the sky is less brilliant, and the intensity is more muted.

To live and work in these two places is a privilege and a challenge. It resulted in two diverse bodies of work: the Maine Years and the México Years. While each tries to state how the atmosphere has come to be represented in my paintings and drawings they equally try to show what inner value both places mean to me. There are times when I wonder what is to happen next; what direction my art will take, and how I will express it. But, it is better for me to just go with the flow, and not attempt to develop a rational for what is happening. Of course, we all play the intellectual game and it does not always work out well.